A Psychological/Coming-of-Age Thriller

The Last Time I Saw You Blessed -- (Pre-Production)

The Last Time I Saw You Blessed -- (Logline)  

     Mourning the drug-related murder of her boyfriend, a teenaged girl trains for her town’s half- marathon and becomes involved with a mysterious lover and a local gambling magnate, both of whom may be connected to her boyfriend’s death.  

The Last Time I Saw You Blessed -- (Synopsis)

     Weathering the drug-related murder of VIBE, her musician boyfriend, EVA ANNE, a teenager training for her town's half-marathon, retreats to her deceased aunt's cabin where she and Vibe first met as children.  As the cabin awakens a dark sensuality in Eva Anne, she is pursued by an arcane lover and a shadowy herd of competitive runners, corralled by legendary bookie ROTTERDAM, the sole rival of her beloved grandfather, NICKY, on the boardwalk sandwich shop circuit.  While tending to Nicky's poor health and failing marriage to her grandmother, MICHELLE, Eva Anne ignores provincial gambling threats against her winning the upcoming footrace and probes the odd particulars of her departed aunt's one-time love affair with an elusive HENRIQUE F., whose name lies hidden in the cabin walls. 

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